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03-15-2024 - 03-16-2024

ReOss Course: Patient-specific alveolar ridge regeneration with the innovative Yxoss CBR®

Dr. Marcus Seiler and Dr. Amely Hartmann: Patient-specific alveolar ridge generation with the innovative Yxoss CBR®

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Start: on 15.03.2024 14:00 h

End: on 16.03.2024 16:00 h


Volmarstr. 10, 70794 Filderstadt / Germany


How do I get predictable results in augmentation? Is particulate augmentation better than block augmentation? We will show you the advantages of augmentations with particulate material and what potential the 3-D planned Yxoss CBR® technique offers. Precision through digital planning of the augmentation is made possible with Yxoss CBR®. In the course you will receive tips and tricks for the insertion and easy removal of the Yxoss CBR® meshes and learn this in a hands-on part.

Event highlights:

  • Scientific background particulate augmentation/shell technique/block - what is state of the art?
  • Backward Planning: Yxoss CBR® in combination with a Yxoss SurgiGide®
  • What are the technical details of the technology?
  • Horizontal and vertical augmentations
  • Soft tissue management
  • Causes / avoidance of complications
  • Trouble-Shooting: What to do when dehiscence occurs?
  • Live surgery


Soft tissue management and incision guidance on the animal preparation

Training on the Yxoss CBR® workshop model

Optional application of PRF

BioBrief Case Studies


Major Bone Augmentation

3-D bone augmentation using a CAD/CAM customized titanium mesh in conjunction with autogenous bone and bovine bone mineral granules


Major Bone Augmentation

Combines horizontal and vertical regeneration using CAD/CAM titanium scaffold


Complex Augmentation

Lateral and vertical bone regeneration with simultaneous soft tissue augmentation


Major Bone Augmentation

Advanced Ridge Augmentation with 3-D Printed Titanium Scaffold

Surgical Video's

Surgery video

Insertion of a Yxoss CBR® protect using Yxoss SurgiGide®

Surgery video

Removal of a Yxoss CBR® protect and implant placement using Yxoss SurgiGide®

Surgery video

Insertion and removal of a Yxoss CBR® protect using FYxoss® selftap

Surgery video

Removal of a Yxoss CBR® protect and implant placement using Yxoss SurgiGide®

Surgery video

Insertion of Yxoss CBR® using crestal incision

Surgery video

Removal Yxoss CBR® crestal incision

Surgery video

Yxoss CBR® using split-flap technique

Surgery video

Removal of Yxoss CBR® split-flap technique


References to publications.

To date, several publications have been submitted or already appeared on the method and the clinical results. You will find an overview below.

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