The Yxoss CBR® to fully protect your complex augmentations

The key benefits of Yxoss CBR® fully-protect?

Being custom-made, the scaffold reduces surgery time due to precise fit and fixation with self-tapping screws. It provides the required space-making effect, ensuring volumetric stability and successful regeneration in complex cases. Its “smart” barrier function prevents connective tissue ingrowth while allowing fluid passage for optimal bone maturation. The microperforated surface facilitates easy removal and prevents tissue ingrowth.

Features of Yxoss CBR® fully-protect

Titanium for reliable stability and space maintenance

Fully microstructured surface protects from tissue ingrowth

Precise patient-specific 3-D printing

Calculation of augmentation volume (optional)

Less surgery time due to perfect fit without shape adaptation

Integrated implant positioning (optional)

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